VIPBase is a free software with unique features that are useful for image and video processing. See highlights and the complete list of included features.

What's new (Current version 06.08.01)

  • 08/01/2006: First version 06.08.01 released

Highlights of Features

Image processing Video processing Photo enhancement
Convert RGB to other color spaces
Replace colors
Change tone
Canny edge detection
Label images
User defined image filter
Compose multiple images
Extract images from a video
Create videos from image sequences
Split / Merge videos
Label a video
Add photo frame
Create online photo album
Computer Vision algorithms Visualization File management
Affine, Perspective transformation
Radial distortion removal
Background subtraction
Camera calibration
AdaBoost face detection and feature training
Visualize a hierarchical graph
Visualize data sequences
Batch rename files
Batch create folders
Remove duplicate files
Remove empty folders and files


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    A collection of utilities for Video and Image Processing

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