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Merge videos

This function allows you to concatenate several videos into a single video. Note that only videos with the Video for Windows (VFW) format are supported. The extension of a VFW video usually is "avi".
  1. In the following dialog, specify the input folder (which contains source video files) and the result video file name.

    Note that videos that have been found by VIPBase are sorted by name in ascending order. These files should be compatible, which means they should have the same width, height and image type (24-bit color or 8-bit grayscale). VIPBase decides the above information based on the first video on the list. Any video with different width, height or number of bits per pixel will be disregarded.

  2. The parameter "Overlap" means the number of overlapped frames between each two successive segments. The parameter "Offset" means the number of the omitted frames in the beginning of each video. The following figures illustrate two examples of the same three videos being concatenated. These two examples have the same number of overlapped frames but the offsets in these two examples are 1 and 0, respectively.

  3. Click the "Merge" button to start the process.

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