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Replace colors

This function replaces one set of colors with another.

In the following dialog, the left column is the list of colors that you want to replace. Each line contains the R,G,B value of one color. Each line in the right column is the corresponding new color. You can edit the lists directly. To add one more line, press CTRL+Enter. Or you can paste the lists from a text editor.

Both columns should have the same number of lines. If not, the smaller number will be considered.

The following example replaces RGB value of (0,0,255) and (0,0,128) with (0,0,255) and (0,0,128), respectively.


Change color of the pixel at the cursor position

You can easily change color of the pixel at the cursor position by pressing the "Insert" key. A dialog will show up as follows. Specify the R,G,B of the new color and click OK.

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